wood chisel

I have been working wood since my junior high shop teacher
introduced me to woodworking. I started out making baseball
bats from ash. I still have a letter holder on my desk which I
made in that class in the 1960's.

In the intervening years, I have had a varied career but
working wood was always on my mind.

Finally, I am at a point in my life where I can devote
significant time to making the furniture I love.

For me, working wood is fun, not "work".  Life is definitely
better when your work becomes "play".  Creativity flourishes
and life is good!

The simple lines of both Shaker and modern pieces heavily
influence my work. Working with both hand and power tools, I
look for quality work before quantity and believe that
furniture for your home should be beautiful, durable and
affordable and last for generations.
About Crooked River Furniture
Peter Jordan in wood shop
river in fall colors
Photo courtesy of Matthew Hogan