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shaker serving tray
Shaker Serving Tray
Shaker oval trays were used for many purposes from the
dining table to the sewing room. My oval Shaker tray is
about 16" long and 12" wide. It has a pine base and cherry
rim and handle. It makes a great decorative centerpiece or a
serving tray for cheese and crackers. Finished with olive oil,
it is non toxic and food safe.

Price:  $49

Ships to USA: $7.50
cherry rolling pin
Cherry Rolling Pin
I needed a rolling pin so I  made one on my lathe. It's perfect
for a pizza or a pie crust. I made mine of Cherry because I
love the color of the natural wood. The only care it needs is
an occasional wipe with olive oil.  No toxic oils are used on
my rolling pins.  I also can  make you one from Sugar Maple.

Price:  $19.50

Ships to USA:  $5.25
shaker tray