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wood toy box
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open toy box with safety hinge

My toy box is a great addition to a child's
bedroom or playroom. This is quality
construction and a beautiful piece of furniture as
much as it is a useful storage option. The size is
about 30" long and 18" wide and 19" tall. I first
made this toy box for my grandchildren and built
it with safety in mind. It has a safety hinge
approved by the consumer products safety
commission which will not allow the top to crash
down on little fingers. The top can be placed in
any position and will not close unless you push it
down. The hand holds on the sides are over sized
to allow plenty of air if the toy box becomes a
hiding place. The toy box is meant to last and can
go off to school some day and make a great coffee
table or storage chest in a dorm or apartment. The
box is made of pine and stained and sealed with
Danish oil. Check with me if you want a different
stain. A different wood is possible at extra cost. I
can also make the you a similar coffee table or
blanket chest in a different size without the safety

Toy Box (as shown)  $245.00

Ships to USA: $50.00